Welcome to our little plot of cyberspace. In here you will find the musing of a crazy, work out of the home mother. As my day job I teach Early Childhood Education (ECE 101 and 102) at a technical college. But after classes end I put on one of my many other hats: I’m a cook, seamstress, crafter, housewife, maid, organizer, blogger, recipe finder, frugality expert, gardener, nature lover, menu planner, among manyother things. I love sewing, knitting, crocheting, spinning – you name it (if it’s a craft) I probably have the supplies for it!

I adore my daughter, Eva and love to find new, fun activities to complete with her. We play games together and she is learning to cook and clean. She loves hands on crafts and I’m quite excited to be sharing handwork with her. She loves Minecraft, perler beads (melty beads), those little craft kits where you sew a cute puppy, painting on canvas…. all sorts of things. She attends a dual language immersion program at school in Spanish. She has been there since Pre-K and she LOVES it! She has learned so many incredible things and can discuss different topics in two languages. If you are interested in dual language immersion for your child I have to say I fully recommend it.

We are a gluten-free house – we make life fun AND yummy! Both Eva and Chris are celiac. I try to feed our family a nourishing diet low on packaged food. We follow a version of Weston A. Price’s teachings while trying not to let food rule our life. Simply prepared while being frugal is a hallmark of our meals. Frugal is really important as well as quick and easty! I’m an amateur chef – I enjoy researching recipes and cooking what I find but I LOVE creating my own recipes. If you’re interested in my recipes check out the tags: breakfast, main dish, side dish, and treat to see if any of the recipes interest you!

Any thoughts posted on this blog are MY thoughts – I’m not a doctor, therapist or lawyer. Go get one if you want advice. This site is only for informational, educational, and CRAZY FUN purposes only. Don’t sue me if your brownies don’t turn out, k?!


We love handmade, creative things. If you’re looking for a present for someone (yourself?!) please consider checking out ETSY.COM. Support handmade, support artisans.

Want to know why fat is good for you? Or what about why you SHOULD eat red meat? Go HERE.


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