Pause… Reset: Faith

I’ve graduated. I’ve had time to settle down. Now I have to make a plan to rebuild my life! I’ve broken my personal life down into 4 main sections: Faith, Family, Food, Frugal Living and Homesteading. Welcome to my journey.



All the other items that I’m meditating on (family, food, frugal living and homesteading) are a family commitment. Faith, well faith is a personal commitment. Yes, my family practices together. But the reality is that we need to make this a personal journey. I’ve always wondered and struggled with what part faith plays in my life. I’m really good at not knowing how to describe my faith. I’m a:

  • Christian

I can easily describe myself as a Christian – I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I believe… I feel like I should continue on with the Nicene Creed. I have a wonderful church home and I’m working on building a place for myself there. I’m involved in children’s church, adult education and the kitchen. My daughter is in the children’s choir. I have an online bible study that I facilitate that gets me into my bible on a daily basis. I love where I am in my Christianity at this point in time.

I also identify as a mystical / esoteric Christian. I am deeply rooted on this wonderful planet. I follow the turning of the seasons and enjoy celebrating the bounty this wondrous place God has given us – gives us! I celebrate the seasons and enjoy the entirety of the day – opening to close. I love watching the stars and getting out into nature. I love the history and the stories of my faith and the faiths of others. I feel God – at church, at home, in my garden, at my work, in other people – everywhere.  

I am working on a list of action steps to further my faith.

  • Learn more about the Episcopalian tradition
  • Continue as a facilitator with LGG – including joining with someone else’s group to deepen my faith.
  • Keep a clean home. This sounds weird in this section but I want to be able to feel God – not stress – in my most important space!
  • Identify routines and rituals to celebrate my daily and yearly existence. I’m taking a class at church right now on Celtic Christianity – I am going to frame some of the prayers and start to use them!
  • Meditate at least twice a week.

In truth, I want to just be Kim. My faith helps me to be just that.


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