Pause… Reset: Family

Yay, I’ve graduated. That’s all fine and wonderful.Now I have to make a plan to rebuild my life! I’ve broken my personal life down into 4 main sections: Family, Food, Frugal Living and Homesteading. Welcome to my journey.



After a 2 year hiatus in working with and thinking about my family, I am pleased to say that we have learned a lot about who we are – both the good and the bad.

  • The TV is not the babysitter we want for our child.
  • Cell phones are a MAJOR distraction for the adults of the house.
  • Eva and I  love Minecraft.
  • Crafting and creating is a priority in our relationships.
  • Moving our bodies – hiking, walking, playing in the playground

That said, we obviously will need to work on ourselves and our family as we continue through life. Here are some of the items that come to the forefront as things we do well or things we need to strive towards:

  • Make crafting and reading the go-to activities of our family, not Netflix, cell phones, Facebook, and zoning out.
  • Date Nights. Wow. The idea of having a date night is a novel concept in itself!
  • Eva is an extremely social child. I plan to have friends over and sleepovers for her to encourage this side of her.
  • Time together. No matter what we do – Minecraft, Snapchat, Netflix, crafting, reading, game playing, chicken watching – WHATEVER, I want to make sure that we are spending lots of good time together because we WANT to be together. I love my family and am lucky to have them.

As we follow this urban homesteading path, we will need to keep the family unit in the center of everything we do. Cooking, canning, gardening, chicken keeping, frugal living, and more is great when it works for our family. Everything we do – or don’t do – needs to align with our family values at that time in our lives. These will change as time goes on.

Wish us luck!





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