I’ve Graduated

After 2 years working full time and going to school to get my masters, I can honestly and proudly say that I have graduated with my Masters (Intervention Specialist. It’s a Special Education degree for special education teachers. In the state of Colorado, it’s a specialist license. Say that three times fast!).

Christomas 2015 4

While I am very proud of myself, I know that I have given up many things on my quest towards self-sufficiency to earn this degree. We lived for a year on rotisserie chickens and bagged salads. No lie. My pantry hasn’t been cleaned out in 2 years. Cooking?! Ha! That happened infrequently and if I did cook, it was something like eggs. Quick, easy, yummy. Speaking of my pantry, I do not have a months supply of food, much less a week in there. Planning ahead flew out the window in the face of homework, choir appointments for Eva and just trying to remember that I am also a wife and mother. I grew a garden last year but never put the garden to bed (so I had decomposing tomatoes under the snow this past winter. Gross.).

blue ribbon

Through all my complaints (and I have many), the one bright spot is that I am done. I have a list of things I would like to accomplish – like getting the blog up and running again, cleaning and restocking the pantry, getting a 1 week supply of food and water stored, playing with my new chicks… the list goes on!


I am blessed to have this time again, blessed to be here for it. I am glad to be back!


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