Yum. (A testament to spring)

After a much needed break from blogging I’m back! (In case you’re wondering, I planned to get back to the blog every week of my absence and it just never happened. There was work stuff, home stuff, summer work stuff, family stuff, and most of all garden stuff. But I’m back. Finally)


I have 2 dishes for you – Lovely, wonderful dishes that celebrate spring in all her glory. I go out every morning with my lovely basket (from Goodwill) and fabulous knife (Thanks Elizabeth – I sing songs about that knife and I don’t know what I would do without it!) and figure out what I will pick. Is there enough lettuce in the perennialized lettuce bed to make a salad for lunch? Is there enough pak choi to stir fry? Ohhh – should I pick strawberries for a snack?! *****, something is eating my swiss chard. Grrrr!

Along the way, I inspect every food plant. This week, the jalapenos produced the first baby pepper. The basil was looking a little yellow so I added some compost for nutrients. The walking onions get used just about every day. We gave away sage and mint to Ms. Theresa (our neighbor) today in exchange for the promise of summer beans.


Back to the Food. A primer on eating radishes. Even if you are SURE your don’t like radishes, try these. Spring radishes are wonderful, with a sweet earthy flavor and just a touch of bite.

  1. Slice your radishes very thinly. If you are doing a whole bunch, use your mandoline.
  2. Drizzle your melted butter over each layer of radishes – sprinkling with salt as you go.
  3. Conveniently forget to call your family over and enjoy the snack by yourself!

Kale – you know you are crazy when your kid drops the kale chip on the floor and you call out “Pick it up, pick it up!”

  1. Cut kale into 2-3 inch pieces. Rub with olive oil, sprinkle and rub lemon juice over. Dash on a little salt. Bake in a 400 F oven. Eat. Enjoy.
  2. If you want an actual recipe, go here.



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