Food in Review

Feb 6 was the last recipe I posted. Wow. It’s not that I haven’t written lots of recipes – or that I haven’t taken photographs. I’ve done both. Just not of the same recipe (ahem!). Due to a severely reduced budget (we’re keeping it under $200 a month – hard to do with a gluten free house that eats good food!) but we’re getting by. Though, anyone who wants to pay for E’s school is more than welcome to! Look for a cornbread recipe coming up – and the story of why we’ve taken to cornbread.

Here’s just a sampling of what we’ve been eating:

April 9 074

**Beans, beans and more beans. I bought some from the local LDS cannery (and had a wonderful time with the most wonderful woman – she was just as sweet as can be!). We clean, rinse, soak and cook in the crockpot with yummies. I actually have the recipe written up – it’s just going to be a matter of putting the pictures (which are on the computer) with the recipe (which is on my work tablet) together. April 9 084

**Tacos. These have quinoa and black beans and a little meat from the freezer.**April 9 100

**quesidilla topped with salad. Quick dinner. Corn tortillas, cheese (any melty kind – we used mozzarella here) meat, beans, whatever you have on hand.**April 9 102

**quick omelets. bacon and cheddar.**April 9 129

**Easter dinner was on the patio with what we had on hand. Lamb from the freezer, Parmesan and roasted garlic mashed potatoes and oven roasted cauliflower. Yum**April 9 149

**Here’s my secret. I make a huge crockpot of soup. We eat it for a night or two and then freeze the rest. I then pull out “freezer meals” when I need something quick for dinner. I love easy food. In case you’re wondering, yes i reuse my lids for the freezer. This lid was used for my frozen apple pie in a jar desserts. I might pull one out tonight… that sounds good!**April 9 151

**We’ve eaten a variety of soups and curries. Our favorite soups are split pea (with ham bone) and chili. Any brothy soup gets all the broth eaten and none of the fillings. Not that that’s a terrible problem!**


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