Garden love

There’s something that happens to the gardener’s heart right about that time of year where the first shoots break free of the soil. It’s a pitter patter, a quick, little dip, that makes them race back inside to grab the camera. I’m going to warn you right now, you have to be a gardener yourself – or crazy – to read this post. Because, really – who wants to see pictures of scrawny, itty-bitty plants? You do? Well come along and join me on a little garden tour!071

Do you feel the need to ask me if I’ve ever cooked rhubarb? Well, ahem. No, I haven’t. But I’ll be using it this year! Look at the colors on the rhubarb! Beauty at it’s best!


An experiment…


…trying to create mini greenhouses using milk jugs and sticks. Well see if it works. There’s a bunch of lovely spinach in there. The spinach is part of a funny story. I try to get most of my seeds for free or by swapping, but I bought these. I was taken in by one of my favorite seed companies (who shall not be named) and picked up the package without looking too closely. This is NOT an open-pollinated variety of spinach. Oh well, lesson learned. Look closely at your seed packets.


These are our first garlic shoots ever. First year planting garlic – garlic is so cheap to purchase I can’t really justify spending garden space on it. We bought a head at Thanksgiving (while visiting Chris’ grandparents – it was our souvenir of the trip!) though and planted a lovely heirloom hardneck variety. I can’t wait for garlic scapes – those you can’t purchase cheaply from the store!


This is our third year with parsley right here. Parsley is a biennial – but it will also reseed itself heartily if allowed to go to seed. Looks like I am going to get another two years out of the plant that I bought 2 years ago! I can’t wait to have a huge, bushy parsley plant again – there are so many great recipes that use parsley.


If pride cometh before the fall – well take me now. I am tickled pink to see my Egyptian walking onion coming back. Last year, I bought one 4 inch container of the spicy stuff. I carefully split the overgrown roots, and crossing my fingers, planted 4 onion sections from that one container. All four sections survived, and 2 of my plants “walked” so I have a total of 6 starting this year. E BEGGED me this morning to have a “snack” from the garden – so she got a stick of onion that she immediately ate. And then asked for more.


Speaking of E, here she is outside, taking pictures of the garden. Like mother, like daughter!


Inside the house we have started a bunch of stuff including chard, tomatoes, basil, spinach


pak choi and spinach. Not to mention kale, jalapenos and eggplant. Now, I’m going to sign off and get to starting more plants.

You can never have too many plants!


One thought on “Garden love

  1. I have seen my flowers and one of my garlic come up, but haven’t looked for the rhubarb. Out tomorrow to have a look. Thanks for the inspiration.

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