Another Goodbye

Well, it happens this time every year. We say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Every year I seem a bit less anxious to let go of the old – it goes by too fast now!

This year saw us settling into our house (finally). I put hours into the garden, planning, starting seeds indoors, planting, weeding and harvesting. I have to say though – I enjoyed it all. I have more plans for the garden this year that I can’t wait to document!

We saw lots of family: C’s Aunt Nola, my brother came to visit, my dad came to visit and we saw C’s moms’ side of the family.
E grew a whole bunch, lost teeth, started kindergarten, started speaking Spanish without prompting and became my little helper. She started doing chores (and promptly stopped…. We’re still working on it!) she created and crafted with and without me and has developed a fabulously fun personality.

Me…. Well I’ve grown too. I’ve let lots go this year and tried to focus on what is important. I created often; from knitting to sewing, to embroidery. I didn’t feel like cooking and let that part go for the last year. (In case you’re wondering, I’ve got the cooking bug again so be on the lookout for more nourishing recipes (and some not so nourishing!) come January!) I’ve focused on the positive and tried to not lose the spark that is me. Growing up is hard- I never want to lose all that makes me the person I am! I hooped more, played more games and ate simple food. I planned, tilled, planted and tended my garden almost singlehandedly. I organized the house(5 times). and I need to do it again. I cut our grocery budget in half. I did fun things, like forage for apples.

I grew in marvelous ways.

How was your year?


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