We’ve consistently gotten a (small, fist sized) head of lettuce for the last couple of weeks. I believe we’re at the end of our season and I think the rest will die out soon here. But it’s been nice to have lettuce for tacos and the like without having to purchase it!


dead (ok, winterized) peach tree.


asparagus bed. We had an amazing year growing asparagus and I can’t wait til next spring to pick just a few stalks of asparagus. We’ll need to wait before we pick too many – but we’ll get a couple next year!


A few days after I took this picture we picked the last of the beets. That is the last of the beets until next spring. I admit – I’m a little sad. I can’t wait to grow radishes next spring though – early spring! We learned to like them with butter and salt. Yum!


The last of the leeks.


And, lastly, the bed of chard, spinach, and beets I’m experimenting with. We’ll see if they survive the frost for spring.

Happy gardening!!!


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