Christmas pictures

Recently, we grabbed our tripod (given to C 6 years ago for helping a friend move – that tripod has saved us a ton of money AND been a ton of fun!) and headed to the park to take the yearly Christmas picture.

Do you see these great picture?! This is the picture we ended up using for our cards but is was a close call. There were so many good pictures! The best part of the whole time was seeing another family doing the same thing! They were all dressed up with their cute little girl and using the timer on the camera running back and forth to take pictures.

My favorite pictures were the ones where E showed her sparkling personality. She started the event when asked to smile, by sticking out her tongue! Now, I’m not going to lie – I was perturbed (hello…. I was going for pictures I could send to family!) but we decided to have fun. We did super sad pictures, a mad set, and lots of “regular” sets. We danced in the pavilion and walked around the park with snacks and water.



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