{A Time of New}

Over the last few months I’ve been quiet.

Yes. We’re still here. Yes. We’re still eating (and doing a whole lot more home cooking as we’ve drastically cut our grocery budget!) Yes. We’re still playing games and crafting.

But – I’ve taken on a new job at work. I am no longer a special education teacher. This has been a two-month period of change for me. I haven’t been able to put into words the wonderful nature of my new post. I also haven’t been able to put into words the sadness I feel that I have moved away from my first love of special education. I am fighting myself – I love my new position but feel like I’m abandoning ship. I went into education because of special education. I try to keep politics (and other not so happy thoughts!) away from this blog because I use this as an uplifting place. Education though…. well, education needs be changed. I’ll leave it at that.

I’m happy though. Really, really happy.


I’m happy about a lot of things. I’m happy about an upcoming visit from one of my brothers and a chance to see some of my extended family (from C’s side) at Thanksgiving. I’m happy that my dad came to visit us a couple of weeks ago. It was a whirlwind tour (less than 24 hours!) but I enjoyed the visit. Here are some pictures from their visit!

Thank you guys for coming out! We had a lovely time.


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