Apple picking time (with links to old family pictures, aww)


I’ve mentioned before that C and I have slashed our budget. We’ve gotten a better price (40% off) on our Internet, plan to drastically cut our cell phones (we’re still in the planning stages but it’s cheaper to have a cell phone than it is for us to have a house phone.) We have also cut our food budget by more than half.

We are busily canning things we can get into the summer canning season. We’ve canned for the last 5 years (can you believe that it’s been that long?!). We started off with applesauce for E when she was a baby and moved right through the cookbook to peach BBQ sauce and tons of yummy jams.


This year we are taking it one step further: We are trying to put up free food. We have made jam with peaches we hadn’t used from the year before. We dehydrated peaches from a church in the neighborhood. And now we have apples. A homeowner about 25 minutes away from us posted on Craigslist that they had 4 apple trees in their backyard that they wouldn’t be using. I picked E up from school, went home to change out of my sandals and skirt that I wore to work, granted a few bags and went to Golden to harvest free apples.


What are we going to do with all these apples? Make yumminess!
Apple marmalade with rosemary
Ancho apple butter
New England apple butter
Apple ginger jam

The ancho apple butter, the apple marmalade with rosemary and the apple ginger jam are all destined for cheese plates. When I’m bringing something to parties a quick and easy dish is a cheese dish. (And when you get your cheese from Costco it’s also an inexpensive option!) The apple butter is destined for toast (yum!)


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