Summer seems to be the time of year where I can’t keep up with the blog. We do so many amazing things all summer long – like the Greek Festival, and the Art Festival, like Berry Picking at Berry Patch Farms.  Like eating food  fresh from the garden and grilling everything from chicken and pork chops to zucchini and potatoes. Like weeding (constantly) and trying to keep the house kinda clean. Like reading books for the summer reading program and (this summer) working a summer job. Like interviewing for a new job and studying for big tests. Like trying to decide what exactly I’m going to can this year as compared to last year (Ahem!).  Like making our own iced coffee/blended coffee drinks so I don’t have to pay for theirs.

I hope your summer is as full and fulfilling as mine has been!

All pictures are via Christopher unless otherwise noted.


One thought on “Summer

  1. I love these pictures. It makes me sad to not be there enjoying some of those things with you. It all looks like so much fun…(I hope that currant jam is a Christmas present!) (Hint!!)

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