Fail-proof Asparagus recipe

Have I shared my failproof asparagus recipe yet? I don’t think so! Well, here’s a vegetable recipe so good that it can double as dessert. Well, maybe not dessert (for some people) but as the star of the show. And it’s an easy, 3 ingredient, 1 pan dish!

(the “side dish” is pork chops with white beans and onions. You can tell which dish stole the show!)

You need:
*some stalks of asparagus. If you cut before cooking (I do) cut the spears into 3 inch or so lengths. It makes the cooking easier. How many stalks do you need? Well, that depends on your pan. I have a 12 inch pan. I can fit 10-15 stalks in there easily.
*a dollop of butter or coconut oil. Don’t use margarine or olive oil. You need to be able to handle to heat!
* 1/6-1/4 whole lemon
*salt. You can use pepper also if you want but this is one dish I prefer to forgo the pepper.

  • Heat your cast iron pan to hot. It should definitely sizzle when you flick a bit of water on it. A little hotter than you would cook pancakes on. (I use medium high on my gas stove).
  • Toss your asparagus and butter into the pan. Shake to melt the butter and coat the asparagus. Cover with a lid to mock steam the asparagus. While it cooks like this it will blacken some of the sides of the asparagus. Don’t worry. It just adds complexity to the flavor of the dish. Shake the pan every minute (to turn the asparagus so it cooks evenly) or so raising the lid to check the doneness. I like to cook mine about 3-5 minutes so it is still crispy but creamy on the inside.
  • Squeeze your lemon into the steaming asparagus and stir the lemon in. Let the lemon cook a little until most of the moisture is gone and only the flavor of the lemon remains (10-20 seconds). Remove from heat, sprinkle on salt. –
  • Serve immediately.
  • Yum.

If you plan on serving cool or room temperature, cut the cooking time in half (1-3 minutes). It will continue to cook as it cools and you still want a little bite to the asparagus!)

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