Ok. I waited until March to subject you all to my (big but not too big) plans for the year. I have been slaving away since early January planning my garden for this year. Will I have acorn or butternut squash? What types of tomatoes will I plant? How exactly does one plant beans? Having a garden, being a part of my food cycle – as small a part as it may be, brings me peace and happiness. I may not grow a whole lot of food, but at least I know where that bean, that tomato, that squash comes from. Eating the last of last years spagetti squash was a happy experience. I know exactly how I grew that squash. I know the weeds I fought.

It’s the experience of gardening, of producing food in the city. It’s amazing! There are lots of things – outside seed choice, etc. That need to be considered. LIke, how to bring home compost. I can, of course, choose to leave the soil unamended. Most of my soil is not that bad. However, amending the soil, gives my plants that extra push. I hope.


Here I am with my husbands car. I took little E to the garden center and came prepared to have them pour the half yard of compost onto the tarp and then bag it up. I watched someone on  youtube do it that morning and thought I could do it. I came with plastic contractor bags and my new tarp. Instead of wasting all the bags, the men worked as a team to lift the tarp into the back of my car. I am constantly amazed by the kindness of strangers. Of course, then I had to find a way to take it into the yard! I managed by loading it into buckets and taking it back. It was less than 25 trips – I wasn’t THAT crazy!


Joy in discovery.


I obliterated every single weed in our yard. It sucks. The weather’s too unpredictable to chance planting, but it’s warm enough for the weeds to flourish. I was unprepared last year for the weeds. I thought we had grass. IT turns out all that green was actually weeds. This year will be known as the war against the weeds. I need to find a way to beat the weeds. I will be using mulch (later this season) but until then I will have to be vigilant!


Of course, it’s easy to be vigilant when I have my own little helper! You should see her with her hoe! No more weeds.


Our entire back yard (ok, only about a third of the yard) is covered in these little weeds. They are about 1/4 inch high and just,  literally, cover the ground. I have been hoeing up the top half in of dirt and bagging it up in an attempt to stop these from spreading. My problem is that I didn’t manage the weeds last year and let them spread their seeds. This year will be my payment for that lack of foresight. It won’t be pretty the first year but we will be mulching all the outer bits of our yard. Eventually, that will be our garden, about a 10 foot perimeter all around our back yard. That will keep most of the weeds down but we will still have to fight.


Here’s a great shot of my pea/onion bed. The peas will climb the fence and the onions will be planted in the diagonal bed. The other half of the square that makes the onion bed will be a variety of tomatoes, basil, peppers, lettuce, etc. The bruises on my hands say that I’ve been working hard, but my beds still aren’t done! I’m working on getting the cold season vegetables in first!


Here are some of the seeds that have been started. Chives, onions, scallions, leeks, basil, peppers, marigolds. I have high hopes for this coming season!


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