Create: Valentines Day gift

If you’re name is Grandma Sue or Maiah – don’t read this post. Just fair warning!

Heart. A tutorial inspired by my Valentines Day Pinterest Board – inspired by this lovely blogger.


Canva-Paper (or any thick sturdy paper you have, I would go with at least 120 weight if you can get your hands on it.)
Acrylic Paint (We used the Folk Art Acrylic Paint because I use it on my dolls and I have it ready to go and easy to get to.)
plate to mix on

To finish (if you want to frame)
8 x 10 frame
5 x 7 mat to fit in an 8 x 10 frame (My 5 year old’s hands fit in a 5 x 7 frame. Barely. Check yours before you purchase.)

Red and White don’t make a new color. They make a tint. Perfect time to talk about tint’s and shades. E’s not too thrilled with the color theory portion but she loves the messy mixing.

Hand down.

Hand up. Awww, look – it’s a heart!

Hand down. It’s easiest to keep the paper at an angle to the person placing the handprint. You’ll see, if you do an angle with the paper there’s no awkward “Move your wrist this way!”

***Alternative to hand down – brush paint onto hand. E said that she loved the way it felt and she did it every time. ***

What it looks like now.

Wash hands.

Handprint 2

Finished! Frame, tack, whatever you want.

This would make a lovely keepsake, gift, mother’s day present, etc. I am SO glad that we set up an area to CREATE!


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