Year in Review

January –  Happy 4th birthday E! Can you believe she is almost 5 now? And look at that hair?! It’s so long now compared to then.

February –  Ahhhh. The good memories! The transmission on C’s car went out. Good times (insert serious sarcasm here!).

March – We started sleepovers with her this year. She did really great – I wonder if we should have started sooner!

April – House shopping. We were packed up before we signed the papers for the house. I’m so glad it worked out

May – We bought the perfect tree climbing tree! Ok, it came with the house. We spent more time playing than we spent  unpacking!

June – Vacation!!! We went to Idaho to celebrate E’s Great, great grandma’s 100th Birthday.

July – Mud.

August – E started school. We LOVE her new school!

September – Raspberry picking is a new obsession! The raspberry jam is incredible – the best jam I’ve EVER made. We have a new September tradition.

October – We started hooping this year. I love it and I get a great workout.

November – E’s started cooking this year. She is learning to use a knife (carefully) and learning how to mix ingredients. I need to remember to mover slower and take more time to let her enjoy.

December – We had a happy holiday season. Grandpa Kent sent her a book a day for the month of December – she LOVED opening them.


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