Dear Santa

Dear Santa:

I have been a very good girl this year. I have done a wonderful job listening to my parents and following directions, being kind to my friends, and helping out whenever I can. I’m really excited about Christmas this year. We are lucky that we moved out of our small, small, small condo into a house (yay!) but I just wanted to remind you that we still don’t have a ton of space! I know you have the best of intentions Santa, but we need to make sure that my gifts are small and will be played with for a long time to come!

Here are some gift ideas if you are having trouble coming up with ideas!

Cute clothes and accessories – I love handmade and one of a kind clothes – do you want to make me some?! I love clothes and love to wear fun things on my shirts (kittens, owls, giraffes, trees, just to name a few!). I love to dress in layers (shorts/skirts over tights, t-shirts over long sleeve shirts) and accessorize (soft hair bands, bows, etc). (5T, 6T if you’re looking for the future!)

I love to play with my toys. Currently I like to play with dolls (mama makes me my favorite dolls but I wouldn’t mind some gnomes). I love Bella, my baby doll and would love to have another cute outfitfor her!

I like to play pretend build villages and castles with my blocks and wind my train through. I’d like to add some fun wooden trees  or animals or here  or here) to my set. I also love wooden animals and people to play with! I like fun, imaginative toys like parachute people, sail boats, yoyos, tops, and sand toys. I love art supplies, especially markers, liquid watercolors, and stickers. I love music and like to play with my keyboard and recorder. I’m interested in hitting things and would love a xylophone.

I really am an outdoor girl. I like to catch bugs and go camping! I like tea sets, and a variety of games (operation, card games). I LOVE all kinds of puzzles. I collect snow globes – I love musical ones especially and love snow globes that depict different seasons not just winter! Really, anything you get me will be played with and loved for a long time!
Thank you very much!

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