Week in Review

The good (great) thing about choosing to go grain free is the fact that I can choose to un-go-grain-free at any time. Like this weekend (insert innocent look right here….). This weekend I went out to Syrup and ordered the best gluten free waffle to share with my little girl.

**Yum. **

**She enjoyed our trip also. That’s chocolate milk with all the chocolate at the bottom of the glass. Sweet (and completely unhealthy).**

**speaking of food, there is a fresh loaf of pumpkin bread sitting on the counter. I’m trying R E A L L Y hard-like to NOT cut into this loaf before it cools. It’s a new recipe and I want to see if it worked. It was in the oven cooking long enough (1 hour 20 minutes!)**

**I had gotten into the terrible habit of going out and  buying a latte before work. First off, our budget can’t afford it (!) and I make such great lattes it was a shame to buy from somewhere else. So as soon as the post goes live I’m going to go have pumpkin bread and a latte. I love my life!**

**She’s been begging for braids…

… so we’ve been experimenting with how to put them in her hair! She loves them! Well, until she hates them, but she keeps asking for them!**

**She’s been writing for fun, she’s been writing thank you cards, she’s been writing numbers. She has been in love with “working” as she calls it!**

**She’s been half a dozen animals. Here (at Target) she’s a doggy – and  yes, I have to hold the leash so she doesn’t run away (or so she tells me!), a kitty, a birdy, a giraffe, an elephant… She loves to play.**

**She is strongly attached to the 9mo butterfly Halloween costume. She has worn it (yes it stretched enough that it actually fit her!) and here she is dressing her bear. We brought this to a swap to give away but she asked to keep it. At least she is putting it to good use!**

**Here we are at the local Winter Welcome. We had a great time!**


So, before I go dig into the pumpkin bread (which is hopefully yummy!) and make my latte (decaf) I want to say what I great time I am having with these pictures! Every picture on this post was taken with my cell phone and were uploaded using the instagram ap – also on my phone.

I LOVE instagram!

Hope your week was as lovely as mine!


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