Food Lately

Why yes, we are still eating here. We are eating, healthy, nourishing foods quite often actually – for at least three meals a day! However, I’ve run into a creativity block. I seem to have no desire to create any recipes! If you’re looking for nourishing, normally grain free, always gluten free links though, I can do that!

Really yummy lentil salad. Ignore the fact that I overcooked my lentils. It was still amazing!

<Now imagine that I didn’t delete the picture off the camera because I wasn’t thinking. Uh huh>

Breakfast Pancake – loaded with protein and FLUFFY! Ok. It ended up being more like a pie for us….. but really, no added sugar (I cooked my apples in butter and cinnamon and nutmeg. Yum.

Sloppy Joes – It’s a crockpot recipe that, when doubled, made enough for us to have 5 meals – with leftover from each meal! – so we ate it one day and froze the rest into 4 bags in the freezer. I can take it out and heat it and have dinner on the table. The tomato is from my garden and the broccoli is from my friends garden! To the recipe I added extra of all the vegetables and a couple of carrots. Yum.

Sandwich Bread from this book – I wouldn’t eat it as a sandwich bread but it made a pretty decent snacking bread!

Whew. We’ve also done a ton of canning, freezing and getting the pantry ready for winter!


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