Week in Review

**letter train**

**The story behind these is that we planted them in a pot next to the garden. Then the tomato plants fell – and kept falling – into the pot. I let them stay where they wanted to stay – so we didn’t really get any carrots. These, however, are perfect for 4 and 5 year old friends to share!**

**Beets from the garden. Lovely. E would be just as happy to not eat beets (which she loves!) if she could eat beat greens all day. Every day.**

**Hooping in crunchy leaves. Yes, I’m a dork and loving self – photography. I’m thinking about trying to get a self portrait – something that I love – at least once a week. Maybe.**

**Loving autumn.**

**I spy with my little eye…**

**Dinner with friends.**

**Mama, I want a baby too…**


Some weeks are full of the daily; dishes, playing, work, cooking, etc. This week had so many other things in it: be looking for pictures in the next few days from E’s and C’s trip to the river (where E fell in!) and some highlights from my lovely day meeting this local mama! Hope your week was as lovely as ours!


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