Week in Review

Is there anything better than being alive? Today I awoke, just happy to be alive. Well, that’s not exactly true. I woke up cranky and miserable – as usual – but once I had a few minutes awake (and alone) I remembered to be happy to be alive.

Today I lived.

Tomorrow will come in it’s own time, with it’s own set of issues, but today – I will always have today to remember!

Here’s a sneak peak at what my day – and week consisted of.

After the guests go home, winding down for bed time can be … difficult. Reading time turns into “Where’s Waldo” time, which turns into hide from mama and the camera time!

Another night, another book! Reading doesn’t happen every night but it does happen most nights. And it happens every day – we do a lot of reading books she gets from the library, books from the house, barnes and noble online storytime – a lot of reading happens!

E and I make it a habit to find “Signs of Autumn” – el otoño – wherever we go. She hollers out – loudly –  “Look, mama! – signs of Autumn”. Early in October it didn’t happen all the time – now we can’t drive for 5 minutes without her hollering!

At the Boulder Farmer’s Market and craft fair, we had the pleasure of watching a Marionette show – it was a great show to watch!

At the fair, a hooper had brought out an assortment of hoops! It was fun to play around with the hoops.

We had the pleasure of stealing away a friend of hers and taking him to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Here we are with her showing off her tail. Yes, she has a tail!

She and I had a great time putting together a dinosaur puzzle.

Then we got to play on the drums – los tambors – and make music. We had a great time practicing rhythms together – tap, tap: tap tap, tap tap: tap, tap. She would get to lead the rhythm, then I would lead, then she would – we had a grand time.


Hope your week was as great as ours!

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