Week in Review

**She’s in her room. Kinda. Bedtime is choice time. She can choose what she does as long as she stays IN her room. Here she is – well part of her body is in her room!**

**Here she is after she konked out – this cannot be comfortable, but she always falls asleep in the most akward of positions.**

**I couldn’t resist the big girl smile. Look at all that hair – after swim lessons she likes to sit under the hand dryer and dry her hair.**

**Sunday at the Farmer’s market. I told myself I was just going to buy a bag of apples. Just ONE bag. However, again, I left with a box of apples. And my food mill is broken. So we’ll be eating a bunch of apples this week!

**Ok. She doesn’t always go to sleep all crazy-like. Here she is cuddling bother Tela (her mama made doll) and her new kitty that we picked up from the community table and Denvers Handmade Homemade Market.



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