20 pounds of pears

Admittedly, the pear is  not my favorite fruit. Between the grainy texture, the thick, grainy skin, and the tastelessness of most pears, it would never make my top 10. But I passed this box of pears – “$10/Box 2nd pears” – for two weeks in a row at the farmers market and I knew that I would have to find someway to deal with them – the price was too good to pass up. So on the third week I bought the box.

For some reason, I must think that I’m superwoman because I also bought a box of peaches to deal with. Well, I didn’t get to the peaches until Wednesday – and that was because of necessity (they were starting to attract fruit flies!) and I didn’t get to these pears until Saturday. I was worried when I finally opened the box – would they all be moldy and gross? Did I just waste $10 to get 20 pounds of … nothing?! Lucky for me, I got 20 pounds of perfectly ripe, wonderful pears – the best pears I’ve ever had! I canned some into this divine mincemeat from the Ball Blue Book.

I took the last of my pectin, the pears, some frozen blackberries and some honey and made a chunky preserve. Yum.

And cooked down 8 quarts of pear puree into the most delicious pear butter. I didn’t want to add any honey or sugar to this recipe so I ended up with 10 half pints and 4  4 oz jars of pear butter for the freezer. Do you see the little specks? That’s the vanilla bean I added along with a cinnamon stick and 1/2 tsp fresh nutmeg. It’s very lightly seasoned – I plan to use this to bake some grain free breads, top toast with it, and just enjoy!

That’s a bit more manageable! We’ll eat the rest of these pears and enjoy every moment! I think pears did make my Top 10 list this year (along with peaches, apples, raspberries, mango, blackberries, strawberries….)


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