You never know what a year will bring. I had hoped (when I started the year) to go camping a  bunch of times this year – I said I would go at least 3 times.

We made it once. However, we did an amazing job packing fun-filled days and memories into that camping trip. So, while I didn’t make my ONE YEAR goal, I still have some great memories to share.

E made some new friends. She was at ease with all the dogs that came and immediately warmed up to all the “strangers” she got to meet – we saw everyone about this time last year and hadn’t seen too many of them until this camping trip!

Good food is a hallmark of our camping trips. You can see on the table I am cutting into garden grown zucchini. Yum.  I love camping with foodies because I get to eat all sorts of amazing food!

This is the idyllic part of the hike! I climbed Mt. Lindsay – and this was still the part when I thought I would make it to the top! I hadn’t yet decided that I wasn’t going to go any further!

This is the after picture. I had already decided that I was NOT going to go any further. My legs were shaking on the way down – not because I was tired (I could have gone for days) but because I was terrified. I have an irrational fear of heights and I decided to climb a mountain.

We found lots and lots of treasure.

And, I’m sorry to say that most of our camping pictures are not appropriate for the blog! Here’s a recent picture to detail what they spent most of their time doing – playing in the water and finding treasure. But, even more than that, they spent time building relationships that will last for a lifetime.


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