Green Beans #1

Green Beans are a staple in our house. In the winter, we purchase large bags of frozen organic green beans from Costco and we eat those for a good portion of the winter. But come summer, we also love to eat fresh green beans. This simple recipe is one of the ways we enjoy these amazing beans.

You need:
a portion of green beans
a couple of garic cloves, crushed or chopped
a portion of butter (please use butter. It adds amazing flavor to these simple beans!)
parsley, chopped

  • Bring a pot of water to a boil. Toss in your green beans and cook for 3 minutes or so (they should be decidedly underdone). Drain
  •  In a hot saute pan, toss in the green beans and let the water evaporate from them. Toss the butter and the crushed or chopped garlic into the pan. Let cook, stirring constantly for a minute or two, until the butter is melted and the garlic smells wonderful. Add the parsley, salt and pepper and remove from heat. Eat hot, warm or cold.

The taste is very simple and mild. The parsley adds a bit of bite but the flavors are very mild. Perfect for a simple lunch or dinner.


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