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The school year is fast approaching and I’m ready this year to start packing lunches for E. Well, at least I *think* I’m ready to start. I’ve enjoyed researching healthy nourishing portable meal ideas for both her and I! I”m not sure what we’re going to eat for the next 10 months, however it will probably look something like this: protein (not necessarily meat – but probably meat for me), carbs from fruits and/or vegetables (mainly veggies for me, a  mix for her), some dairy (yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese) and a sweet (at least for me – probably fruit or an almond flour muffin, or a coconut muffin).

Are you looking to do your own research on nourishing portable meal ideas? Here’s a list to start you off:

Nourishing Portable Food Challenge at The Nourishing Gourmet

10 Healthy, Nourishing School Lunches at Nourished Kitchen

The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen’s lunch ideas One, Two, Three

Diet Bento on Flickr has some great low grain (among other) options

Other Flickr options: Lunch in a box, Laptop Lunches, Bento Boxes, and so much more! Enjoy doing your own research!


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