In my garden

There is something beautiful about a first garden. There’s something fresh in waking up and stepping out my back door to see everything for the first time. I know, I know, I’ve had a garden for years – but that was a container garden. The plants grow differently in the ground. I swear, they grow so much bigger. And, they are like my children – I watch them grow, I watch them flower, I prune them when they need it. I train them into trellis’ and I fret over the bullies (bugs, squirrels, rabbits).

Ok. It’s amazing every year. But I’m amazed this year!

Starting at the south end of the Eastern Bed (isn’t that a great way of overstating 2 small 9 ft by 4 ft plots!)


**lettuce (which we’ve been eating from like crazy) and beets(30) (which we’ve been eating like crazy as I thin)

**my sad looking basil(10 scattered through the garden). two days ago I cut off the tops and got this much

basil from them. They are amazing plants!**

**strawberries(3) and thyme(1), parsley(2), sage(1), rosemary(1), cilantro(4). I didn’t get any cilantro before it went to flower, but I will be thrilled to get fresh coriander seed!**

Onto the Western Bed

**pumpkins (3 plants)**

**spaghetti squash (2 plants) and the first of my patch of beans (the cucumbers died and I wanted something easy and cheap to plant in their place)**

**more beans (you can plant 4 in a square foot! How many square feet did I plant – I’m too embarrassed to tell you!)**



**sad looking peppers (3)**

**and an assortment of tomatoes**

Happy Gardening!


2 thoughts on “In my garden

  1. I am so glad to see all the pictures! The Garden is wonderful…Our lettuce is finished, but everything else is still coming along. We have a sunflower garden this year with 5 dozen sunflowers!

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