Solstice – Summer – Crafting

Once again, I had the honor of being a part of a wonderful nature table swap. This go-around, I had the pleasure of being paired with a local. I am so excited to share what I’m making for her! Here are the items I prepared to send her! (Be forewarned – my camera is broken so these are NOT the best pictures!)

a paper flag in summer colors. (the colors are much brighter in person – bright yellow, bold red, sunny orange.) I also  made one for our nature area!

a bumble bee mobile. e wants one for our house also. I’m considering it!

a summer time zen garden. E is enthralled with this – I will be making one for our nature area!

and some flower gnomes! I love these so much I’m making us an identical pair.




4 thoughts on “Solstice – Summer – Crafting

  1. I check every day to see if you have made a post. I love to see what you are doing! Give E and C a squeeze for me! Hugs!

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