Idaho: The drive

Wow. A vacation. No, really. C got a little bit of time off in order to celebrate his great grandmother’s 100th birthday. We cleaned the whole house (well, the areas not covered with boxes!), packed and hopped in the car for the 15 hour car ride.

Before we left, however, E needed some time. She found a friend to keep her company while we loaded up the car and finished the preparations.

We came prepared! Here she is eating her snack in the car.

And here she is coloring on a lovely pad of paper the her Maiah mailed to her.

The weather was amazing for our travels. We had sunshine, clouds, rain, and snow for different portions of the trip.


Here is some of the snow we saw. Once, while I was sleeping I woke up as the car swerved. Standing in the middle of the road, looking ornery as all get up, was a deer. The deer had decided to challenge cars that passed, not believing that it could be hit. On this lucky day, the deer was right – we swerved in the middle of the snow storm and managed not to hit the deer.

Her favorite toy of the trip was the camera!



One thought on “Idaho: The drive

  1. How fun! I love the fish picture. She looks so pleased with herself and well she should be. Hopefully, the trip home was un-e deer-ful! HA! Looking forward to hearing about it! Take care. Love Maiah!

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