One Year 2011 – mid May

Eat out no more than 2 times a month  – This is something that we are doing in theory. However, Chris and I both are using our allowance each month to eat out more than that. So we’re cheating….

Go Hiking at least 12 times this year – We’re on this one. I know for certain that we’ve gone at least 4 times – I think we’ve gone more.

Go Camping at least 3 camping trips this year – not yet too cold! And buying a house may put a dent in those plans…

Buy most of my/E’s clothes second-hand. Not yet…… we haven’t had to go shopping. I did, however, take part in a swap to get more clothes for her.

Make my own bread at least twice a month or whenever we need it – We’re eating pretty much grain free right now so this is not an issue. I am  making coconut waffles when we feel the urge for bread.

Participate in Large-Batch-Cooking-Days (whether OAMC or just 15 lbs of chicken cooking days!) at least 6 times this year. I’ve done one big batch cooking and one OAMC. I am not organized right now and this is something that makes my life much easier. Unfortuntately, I’m not doing it as often as I could! I’ll try to get a day in come June especially for lunch items to bring on picnics and such.

Eat less meat – at least 3 meatless meals a month good!

Eat more vegetables. Hmmm. Just more. Good!

Find a weekly rhythm (baking, cooking, lunch making, painting, knitting) I was doing great for about 2 months and then – bam! – I started the process for buying a house. Now that the house is bought, I’ll work on the process a little more.

Travel this summer. By myself. With E. In a car. Long Distances.Yes, I am crazy. End of May. Check for update. Yikes. Maybe. Yikes.

Take more photographs. Once again, I was doing great when I wasn’t trying to buy a house. I’m trying to get back into the rhythm.

Use the heater/air conditioner less. We did great this winter – and now we don’t have an AC! I’m so excited about that!

Get out. Do something fun (as in, not cooking, or cleaning, or putzing around the house) at least every other week. A hike, ice skating, the zoo – whatever. As long as we’re doing SOMETHING! Pretty good. I have to force myself but at least we’re getting out. It’s hard with all the boxes staring at my face, but I’m taking E out this weekend to the zoo! Woot.


Exercise at least weekly. Hey, I’m starting out small! – Zumba every Thursday is my religion! I go every Thursday and sometimes more throughout the week. This week I will have gone to Zumba and a kickboxing class. Which is better than last week when all I made was Zumba which was better than the two weeks before when all I did was pack and fret about buying a house.

Learn a language (Spanish is my goal right now. I’m on the second disk of Rosetta Stone) I was doing great before trying to buy a house…. It’s my goal to find my headphones and start again this week.

Join a book club. Go at least 6 times this year. I don’t think I’m going to go. The book club I want to join is on Thursdays and that messes with Zumba. I adore zumba. I just like book club. So I think book club is out.

Create every week. Create ATC’s, knit, crochet, papercraft, journal, whatever. I was doing great before trying to buy a house….


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