Thoughts on the Simple Life 3

Do you suffer from “simple envy”?
“Oooh look at her – she makes her own cheese and soap.”
“And look at that one there! – she feeds her family of 6 for $50 a week!”
“ Wow! Look at his milking set up and that huge garden – I love it.”

I could never do that.

The truth is – you can! Well, maybe not that, but you can do something to further your own own simple life.

Every Thursday in the month of May I will be providing encouragement to people trying to live a simple life – especially for people who have the added burden of trying to live simply while working out of the home (WOH). All of us face our own particular challenges, and I hope that everyone will be able to gain something from my thoughts.

Number 3: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Do you feel as though you never have enough time to start that “great new project”?  Do you attempt to research – from scratch – the procedure and then try to find the reviews of all the individual parts of the project? Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel? Find someone you trust and follow their description of how to do the project – from where to purchase the supplies to how to complete the project. If you can, meet up with other like minded people  from your local area to learn about new projects. A good website to meet other people who are interested in simple living is (search bee keeping, urban homestead, kefir, etc). If you cannot meet up with other people (it’s hard to meet up after you have had a long day at work, watered the garden, set beans out to soak and hung the wash!) there are wonderful tutorials online.

Online Tutorials
Water Kefir
Milk Kefir (video)
Raw Milk yogurt
Cook dried beans
Make your own cheese
Once a month cooking (not all the recipes follow  a traditional foods path)
Menu plan
Make your own house cleaners
Make your own raised beds


When you pick the next step on your road to simple living, do you research and make sure it’s a good idea for your family. After that – let go! Let someone else’s research lead where you purchase your supplies and the procedure for your choice project. It’ll be hard to let go of the reins – but let other people’s experience guide your own! Good luck.

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