My Garden – 2011

This is my 4th year gardening. When we moved into the condo that we rented, I knew right away that I wanted to garden – the balcony was amazing. I loved my garden. Take a look at the pictures from last year. Ohh, I don’t have any pictures from the year before, but here’s pictures from the year before that.  I enjoyed gardening and I was determined to do it right. Or at least try my best!

Fast forward to this year. Welcome to our new garden. I have 2 9 x 3 plots that the lady who lived here put in. I have no idea when they were last used – the ground was as hard as a rock. But, thinking on the positive side, it was at least there!

Can you see how hard the ground is? We used a shovel, some spikey tool and a hoe that came with the house, and a cultivation tool to work the ground by hand. We watered the ground and played in the mud that created. We added 7 bags of compost. Next year, I want to order a truckload of compost and put in another couple of bed. We might build a couple of raised beds – we’ll see what the year (and the finances) bring.

Can you see the difference in the dirt? It’s lovely. And the clods are really not that prevelant – it looks worse than it actually is.  E is dying to walk the middle path between the beds and I’m dying NOT to let her. I spent hours loosening that soil and I don’t want it compacted. She knows to stay off the beds, but I’m scared! She is doing great with the plants and I need to loosen up!

The bed furthest from the house has basil, tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumber planted. It was also have a few pumpkin plants at the far end as well as a spagetti squash. I may plant the strawberries (4 plants) there also.

The bed closest to the   house has herbs in it currently. It will have onions (I have 60 onion starts – I have no idea if I will actually use all those onions!) and some bush beans planted. I also have to put in some more basil, some turnips, some lettuce I already started from seed, some beets (if I can actually find my seeds with the move!) I will plant pots of carrots and radishes, beans if I don’t have enough room in the garden. I’m freaking out about space. When I look at my garden plans I have empty squares, but when I think about I wonder how big will those plants actually get? Last year, my plants were huge! I already see some things that I may want to do differently next time (should I plant the basil in between two huge, sun-sucking tomato plants?) but I’m excited for this year. Whoo hoo.

I should have taken a picture of the thyme I put on my windowsill. I may not have unpacked any boxes last night, but at least  I got my garden started!


5 thoughts on “My Garden – 2011

  1. It is so hard to know how much space to use for each plant until you have tried it one year. Keep records and then next year you will have a better understanding of how it goes.

    Looks great….lots of work accomplished already! (Hopping over from the Tues Garden Party)

  2. How exciting! Your beds look great and will only improve over time. Last year was our first year to garden here and I had to keep telling myself that the soil isn’t good…yet. Last years garden was okay but this year it is already better.
    Happy gardening!

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