We rented a moving truck but also made liberal use of C’s car.

We were able to get things through the condo door – but not through the 1951 door of the new house. A trip to the hardware store was in order!

The era of self portraits has begun….

It was a long day for a little one. She fell asleep in the car on the way TO the hardward store and slept through the night in her new big girl bed. We are excited for this little one to have her own room! She is too!

Here’s a walk through our house.

One of my favorite parts of this old house is the telephone nook. One day, this will be a decorative accent not a catchall!

The kitchen and pantry is slowly working it’s way to being unpacked. Today (on Monday) it looks much better than this picture taken Saturday!

This is the third bedroom/family room – also known as catchall for everything that is yet unpacked.


Welcome home


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