Thoughts on the Simple Life 2

Do you suffer from “simple envy”?
“Oooh look at her – she makes her own cheese and soap.”
“And look at that one there! – she feeds her family of 6 for $50 a week!”
“ Wow! Look at his milking set up and that huge garden – I love it.”

I could never do that.

The truth is – you can! Well, maybe not that, but you can do something to further your own own simple life.

Every Thursday in the month of May I will be providing encouragement to people trying to live a simple life – especially for people who have the added burden of trying to live simply while working out of the home (WOH). All of us face our own particular challenges, and I hope that everyone will be able to gain something from my thoughts.

Number 2: Remove Temptation

I have a confession to make. It is very embarrassing so I must request that you NOT laugh at me as I make it. Ok. Here goes.

I like fast food. No really. I do. I LOVE to eat steaming, hot french fries and a (terribly for you, but really yummy) spicy chicken sandwich. Oooh and what about fried chicken and biscuits. Yum. And did I mention the coffee…….

So now you know the depths of my deprivation. But just because I like fast food doesn’t mean that I let myself enjoy it. I know it’s bad for me: I know that my mood fluctuates drastically when I am eating these foods. It’s not worth it for me to indulge and then end up in a bad mood. However, I drive by at least 4 fast food places driving one way to work. I can’t remove the temptation by removing the restaurants (unfortunately). I have to do something else to remove the temptation.

I decided to take the jump: I left my debit card and my cash at home. Problem solved.


Think about one thing that tempts you to break your simple life. What can you do to remove that temptation? Now do it! Example: If you forget your lunch on a regular basis, you can pack 5 lunches on Sunday night and just pull one out each morning. Do you have other ideas? Add them!

Some common difficulties:

  • Forgetting to pack your lunch and having to stop by the store for food.
  • Getting up late and not having time to make your own breakfast.
  • Forgetting to soak the beans and having to use canned beans.
  • Forgetting to make a meal plan before you shop.
  • Not cleaning the kitchen and not feeling like cooking.
  • Eating Fast food.
  • Using traditional cleaners instead of homemade.
  • Watching TV.

What will you to do further your simple life this week?

Shared with Simple Lives Thursday.

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