Sesame Green Beans

Do you have a recipe that you make on a regular basis and it just feels as if you have made this recipe for, well, forever? That’s this recipe. From this photo I know that I’ve been making it for at least 3 months – but I know that if feels like more. When I started purchasing bags of frozen green beans from Costco over winter, I knew that I needed to be more creative than my regular green beans – saute some garlic in olive oil, add frozen green beans, steam, then spash lemon juice. I love those green beans but when you’re eating the same veggie a couple (or more than a couple!) times a week, change is good! Here’s my recipe. Feel free to add more or less of any of the ingredients – it’s not really a recipe – it’s a throw together dish! Enjoy

2 cups frozen green beans
1 T rice vinegar (I’ve also used apple cider and been fine)
2-3 T soy sauce
2 tsp toasted sesame oil (feel free to leave out if you don’t have it)
1.5 T sesame seeds

1. Place frozen green beans in the hot saute pan. Cover with a lid and let steam, shaking or stirring occasionally until they are hot
2. Add the rice vinegar and soy sauce and let the sauce reduce for a minute or 2.
3. Drizzle the sesame oil and sesame seeds over the green beans. Pull from the heat and serve.

Shared with Real Food Wednesday and Fight Back Friday.


One thought on “Sesame Green Beans

  1. This is one of my alltime fav sides. We do the same with aspargus with equally tasty results! I don’t use the rice wine vinegar; instead I add extra sesame oil because I love the taste so much!

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