Week in Review

It has been another one of those crazy weeks. I had the opportunity to attend a conference this Thursday and Friday for teaching. It was a great experience, however I came home each night exhausted! I am looking forward to taking a more active role at my school next year and I was encouraged to continue on this path. It will not be easy (is anything worth having easy – NO!) but it will be worthwhile.

Mama knows best! Can you believe that she didn’t want to go to sleep – and then WHAM – out like a light!

Reading me a story.

This is what happens when she get’s the camera. She will be getting her own camera soon as I’m tired of sharing!

This week they let the butterflies they grew in her class fly off. She was sad – but she enjoyed practicing drawing butterflies.

And I have to share about my eggs. I bought my 3 dozen eggs and had the dubious honor of dropping them as I was leaving the store. I took the eggs home and made coconut sandwich waffles with them since they were already broken. Yay for me! (I have to admit, I was NOT happy to break the eggs, though!)


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