It was suppossed to be Mediterranean Chicken

Really, it was. I had the recipe for C to cook. But he got held up at the real estate agents office after getting us (free!!!) seeds for our garden this summer. So, as soon as I realized that I was cooking dinner tonight I hopped up, read the recipe, and started pulling items out. The chicken was washed and popped in the 9 x 13 baking dish. Skins were on the chicken so the pan didn’t need to be oiled. Meanwhile, tomatoes were in the microwave defrosting from the freezer. I poke around and remember that I also have green chilies in the freezer. Hmmmmm. Well Mediterranean Chicken turned into Spicy Baked Chicken with Veggie and Tomato Sauce. C and E enjoy it with a side of rice and I eat it grain free. Go figure. I had a beautiful picture of the mise en place for this dish, but my camera wouldn’t work. You’ll have to deal with the cooked shot only!

Here it is:

  • 4 split chicken breasts with bones and skins
  • 6 (more or less, we used 8 ) cloves of garlic
  • a sprinkle (1/4 tsp) dried chile flakes
  • a sprinkle (1/4 tsp) oregano
  • a sprinkle (1-2 Tbsp) apple cider vinegar
  • 1-2 bell peppers (I used 1 yellow and .75 red)
  • 2 mexican squash (hey, they were turning in the vegetable drawer! I was thinking about adding mushrooms, but forgot…)
  • 4 fire roasted chilies (from the freezer)
  • 3 whole green onions
  • salt (to taste)

Add all the ingredients to the pan in the order listed to a large baking dish. Cover loosely with foil. Bake in a 350 for however long it takes for chicken to reach 165 F. It took me around an hour.


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