Week in Review

Moving day isn’t for at least another 2 weeks (the earliest we can close is May 6) but we’re getting a start.

There’s something about moving that brings out the crazy in us all. I started in on the bedroom today (I packed 8 boxes!) and this is what it looked like half way through. It’s crazy – we have so much stuff. I got rid of 3 boxes of stuff – books that I’m going to give away, clothes, all sorts of just stuff.


The bedroom was eventually put back to rights but there are now boxes both in the bedroom and the living room. It’s coming along. I don’t see how the packing will ever end. I have a ton of crap everywhere. It will happen though. I’m sure of it.

While we are working on the moving, I am trying to remember to spend time with E. Playing, singing, jumping. Whatever she needs. Because right now a lot of my time is going to house hunting. Packing. Cleaning. Fun.

It was cold and I forgot to bring our jackets. So we found ourselves in the aquarium at the zoo. Warm and Beautiful.

Easter was wonderful – but tiring. E needed a nap and refused to take one. So finally she fell asleep. Finally.We started planting! Lettuce, sugar pumpkins, basil, oregano, tomato, and more! Free seeds!

An Easter present from Grandpa Lee – a lovely new, bright pink lamp of her own. She loves it!

She has been a puppy for over a month now. Here she is in her puppy bed.

We had some excitement here this last week. Our neighbors condo had an electrical fire. It started outside the condo and shot up the chimney. It was crazy. Everyone was ok, nothing was ruined by the fire, a lot was ruined by the trying to put the fire out! We are lucky it wasn’t us. Whew!


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