Month in Review

I’ve already given my reason for not posting updates. I am dying to add an update, though . E has had her first sleepovers in the last few months, went to one of her friends birthday parties, and was just her normal, jovial self. Here’s the update

There’s something about a sad baby girl. She has been trying on emotions lately and sad (aka whiny) has been her favorite. She is still young enough that mama making funny faces through window is enough to make her start laughing and want to play. I don’t know what I’m going to do when that doesn’t work anymore.

She enjoys the dentist (crazy girl). Still no cavaties but we were reminded that she has my deep grooves in her back teeth so we are making sure to target those areas.

She is such a big girl. We have started letting her go around the building by herself. When we move to a house that’s not going to be something she can do. That kinda makes me sad….


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