Here’s why

Here’s why we’ve been gone. I adore this space – I love updating the blog and letting the world know what we’re doing. I love posting pictures of my family and the crafts that we’ve been creating. I adore posting new recipes (and here’s one that I’ve been loving  – use yogurt in place of the sour cream to add probiotics.)

We’re in the process of buying a house.

I’m afraid to say it too loud or I may jinx our progress. We’ve visited so many house that all I want to do is find one and move in. We’ve put in a contract on two of our top houses and decided not to go through. Well, one of the contracts was never answered (due to legal problems on their end) so I guess we never had a contract on that house. And the other house we decided to terminate the contract after the inspection. This current house though…. I have my fingers crossed. It is an older brick home (1951) and the garage was converted into a third bedroom/family room. There is ample room in the kitchen to add an entire wall of shelves for our pantry/food storage.

I adore it. We are going in this afternoon to complete the paperwork for the contract. Keep your fingers crossed. Here are some pictures from our search. Not all are of the house we’re currenlty looking at!

And lastly, here is a little nest we found visiting one of the houses. We may have a family of squirells to look after soon!


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