Week in review

Actually, I should title this post “Weeks in review”. How many weeks has it been? I don’t know? Well here it is!

Today was gorgeous. Simply marvelous. We ate lunch and dinner outside, and just plain enjoyed our time. There’s nothing like a couple of warm, sunny days after a huge snowstorm!

At the end of our day, we worked on her Valentine’s day cards. She wrote her name of pieces of paper that she watercolored and stickered.

This was last week. We hoped, against hope, that  C’s car would start once it warmed up. We fiddled with the car, called our neighbor to come over and fiddle with the car and did everything we could. In the end, it turned out that the transmission needed to be replaced. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch on our pocketbook. We had been doing so well, saving money for a coming very large purchase (more about that at a later date!). In a way, though, I’m so very thankful this happened. We got a really important, really wonderful wake up call. We had to rely on other people to help us out. My neighbors took E to and from school just about every day while we waited to fix our car. They offered us rides. My co-workers brought me home from school and offered me rides to do my chores. We were reminded how blessed we are to be surrounded by people who care about us. I am so thankful to each and every one of them. It was a reminder that even when times are tough, people are there to help us.

We got that reminder a second time this week. I had gotten into the habit of anonymously helping a neighbor: He is disabled: a sweet gentleman who always says hi to our daughter, friendly – just a neighborly neighbor. I try to clean off his car after we have snowstorms so he didn’t have to do it. I had done it for a little while and he had never caught me at it. This last storm, he caught me and let us know that he was moving. He offered us some of his frozen food, and of course (especially after the incident with the car and that expense!) we accepted. Later, he brought over half a freezer full of meat and vegetables. I was not expecting that much! We were incredibly blessed!

Dance Party!

E is the big helper. Here she is making her papa’s sandwich before work. She loves to have chores and sometimes I have to make up something for her to do. Here was something useful and helpful that she could do!

The big storm laid down a lot of snow. That did not stop her from climbing trees…

… or just laying down to lick up the snow. Yuck!


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