A few weeks in review – Happy Birthday Party!

What can I say? Life caught up with me. I am taking a master’s class that is kicking my patootie, making some important decisions about work (or, actually, I am holding off on making important decisions because I’m too lazy to actually think about the decisions….), and doing a TON of research about yet another decision that C and I are making. Geez Lou-eeze! But, no matter how much I am complaining about things, I am sooooo blessed. I have the time and means and brains to do all the research I am doing, to do a great job in my masters class, AND have a job.

I am so lucky. And I know it!

Here’s the pictures!

So. You know. I wait until the night before her party to do everything. Make the pizza crusts, bake her cupcakes, make the frosting, get the key to the clubhouse….. and, of course. I open the cocoa and it spurts all over me and all over the room. Yay.

We had 5 other kids over and I’m pretty sure that everyone’s favorite thing was the legos. We also had magnifying glasses and fingerpuppets for the kids to play with. They got to keep the magnifying glass and the fingerpuppets as their gift for attending: they did not get to keep the legos!

As our activity, we made personal pizza’s.

And then we played outside in the snow.

Happy birthday!

She enjoyed opening presents – and everyone else enjoyed “helping” her!

She loved handing out her gift bags. She put the bags together: a little airplane, lots of stickers, some fingerpuppets and a magnifying glass. Next year we will go less, but this year we got a little carried away.

As the party ended, the kids enjoyed playing under the table. It was a perfect place to hide! I think all the kids enjoyed the party but I don’t believe I will ever have more than 5 other kids over: six 4 year olds are MORE than enough!

Happy birthday little one!


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