Coconut Waffles for Sandwiches

Before a month ago, I never considered using waffles as sandwich bread. In my mind, bread came in a loaf . And if you were really creative, you might make it yourself and have to cut it yourself. With the forgotten bread knife in the knife block. A few years ago, bread was made with whole wheat flour. And I wasn’t very creative: I found a wonderful recipe online where the kneeding was done in the food processor and I considered my duty done. That being said, it was really good bread.

We haven’t had wheat flour in our house in almost 3 years. When C was diagnosed as a celiac, I gave away everything containing gluten. Oats, bags of whole wheat flour, pretzles, a gallon of soy sauce – it all went to the neighbors. I tried rice flour and tapioca starch. I bought mixes, galore. I tried (and LOVE) sorghum flour, oat flour, millet flour, corn flour. I tried coconut flour – twice – and hated it. I borrowed cookbooks from the library and eventually ended up buying lots of cookbooks.

I fell in love with almond flour. And, just as a teaser, I’ve updated my chocolate chip almond flour scone recipe and I will be posting it soon! Seriously, what’s NOT to love about a chocolate chip almond flour scone. I even love the name.

This low carb, body in ketosis thing though was killing me the first week. I missed sugar and pizza, I craved cookies and cakes. I thought that polenta and sandwiches were the holy grail. And then someone, some random blogger mentioned using waffles as sandwich bread. Coconut waffles, to be exact. Even though I never liked coconut flour, I decided to give this “holy grail” of gluten free, grain free cooking a try.

I’m glad I did.

Coconut waffle recipes are a dime a dozen. Now, that coconut flour is readily available, EVERY gluten free blogger has their own recipe. If you want a gluten free, yummy waffle recipe, try this on here or here. But, as much as I like waffles for breakfast, I am more interested in the other incarnation of the waffle: The Sandwich.

Now, it’s also true that all those bloggers are the ones who turned me onto waffles for sandwich bread. But their waffles are sweet, made with up to 1/3 cup liquid sweeter. I was never a fan of wheat, carb loaded sweet – breads  for my sandwich when I was eating a carb filled glutenous life. These waffles are savory. Slightly cheesy. Very slight – if any – coconut flavor. I tortured my husband trying to come up with JUST the right amount of sweetness to the savory – Hey C, sweatheart, you have to try EACH batch. I hope you enjoy these little gems of goodness like I do!

Coconut Flour Sandwich Waffles: gluten free, grain free
Perfect for sandwich making. Enjoy.

4 tablespoons melted butter
6 eggs
2 tablespoons yogurt 39 g
2 T Parmesan cheese 16 g
1 tablespoons honey 22g
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/3 cup coconut flour 38g

1. Melt the butter.
2. Add all the ingredients minus the coconut flour into the melted butter.
3. Using a sifter (or a sieve like I do!) measure out and add the coconut flour to the butter mixture
4. Using your hand mixer, mix on high for one minute, scraping down the sides
5. While you are letting your mixture rest, heat up the waffle iron. Use 1/2 cup for each 4 waffles (4 “sandwich” slices”) made. Spread with your rubber, plastic, metal, silicone (or the like) spatula to cover all the way to the edges.
On my waffle iron, this recipe makes 16 sandwich sized waffles. I use 1-2 per sandwich.

The official breakdown:
69 calories
5.1 g fat
79 mg cholesterol
3.2 g carbohydrates
1.4 g dietary fiber
1.0 g sugars
3.0 g protein

You choose if this recipe fits your idea of healthy. It fit’s mine! Shared at Real Food Wednesday and Fight Back Friday!


11 thoughts on “Coconut Waffles for Sandwiches

  1. thanks for posting this. I’ll have to give it a try! I wish cooking with coconut flour didn’t take so many eggs! If a recipe fails it stinks to waste all those eggs. I’m pretty new to low carb-ing it. I’m doing it to lose weight. I came to your blog from Kelly The Kitchen Kop. I plan on checking it out further. Please feel free to stop by my blog…

  2. Could you make it as a pancake and use that as the bread? I gave away my waffle iron as it was really terrible about cooking things evenly.

  3. Oooo… good idea! That’s one thing I miss doing low-carb—sandwiches for lunch! It’s tough with my kids, too, as they love their PB sandwiches, and I hate buying bread for them, but this may be the holy grail to get them off it. I will definitely be trying this! Thanks!

  4. I must have done something wrong. I even went out and bought a square waffle iron, but I only got 7 waffles, not 16. Haven’t tasted them yet, I’m making them for tomorrow’s lunch. I am a bit disappointed that it only made 7 for me. Do you whip up the eggs a bunch to make more volume? I just beat them, but I didn’t whip them up like you would for a souffle.

  5. Amanda – I’m sorry you got so few. I add all ingredients into a single bowl and then beat everything for about a minute. The only thing I can think of to add to the recipe is that I put a very little bit of batter on the iron and kinda smoosh it around with a spatula. I push the batter with the spatula into the corners of the iron and I can always kinda see the black of my iron through my batter. Hmmm. That may not make any sense. The batter is kinda opaque and as it bubbles on the bottom (before I shut the lid) I smoosh it around. It’s the same way I always made regular waffles (first gluten-filled wheat waffles and then gluten free waffles once we became gluten free!) but I didn’t think it would be important to add to the recipe! Next time I make the recipe (which will be sometime this weekend) I’ll measure out how much I put on the iron. I really hope it works out for you the next time! I love these.

  6. Yeah, I probably over-filled them. I’ll just use them for open face sandwiches and next time I’ll smoosh the batter around. I’m a food blogger too and it is hard sometimes conveying recipes that seem intuitive! The only time I’ve ever made waffles was with my big Belgian waffle maker and I go for BIG and FLUFFY! I knew that one wouldn’t work since the holes are so much deeper. So I picked up the $10 little square press. Anyway, thanks for writing back. I’ll try out my waffle-sandwiches tomorrow. I’ve been craving something to swoosh up a fried egg yolk with for my breakfast!

  7. Recipe was changed! I added
    “Use 1/2 cup for each 4 waffles (4 “sandwich” slices”) made.” to help make the recipe more readable.

    Good luck with the recipe! This is still my go to sandwich recipe. I double it and make enough to last the whole week (or 2) and they freeze well.

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