Obligatory Food Post (with maybe TMI)

I’ve lost 10 pounds this months. Yay! I have another 15 to go (and I’ll reassess as time goes on to make sure as I build muscle I don’t go too low) and, while I don’t expect it to be “easy” if I keep up what I’m doing I’m sure I’ll get there in another month or 2.

What have I been eating? Well, I went sugar free (well free ish – I still kept a T of sugar a day or so (honey, maple etc) ) and grain free (rice, corn, etc) and low carb (less than 100 a day) for a week. Why? I wanted to detox all that lovely holiday sugar out of my body. It was taking over! I needed to get all that out and get vegetables and the like INTO my body! I ate eggs for breakfast mixed with vegetables (lots of them) every day.

I ate frozen green beans cooked in ghee and sprinkled with soy sauce, I dipped raw broccoli into cream cheese dips, I ate tons of soup made with the bones of a rotisserie chicken. I enjoyed blueberries covered with cream, raw almonds as snacks, lettuce wraps, and raw red bell peppers.

I’ve tried adding back in grains and I find that my body feels REMARKABLY better OFF them than eating them. So I’m taking it easy right now. I’ve made coconut waffles to use as a “sandwich” bread to make lunches easier this week. I’m still planning on eating green beans just about every day. I made another egg casserole so I can get veggies into my breakfast (not my favorite, but it keeps me going until lunch…).  I plan to continue limiting fruit but I did have a pear last night and will probably have a couple oranges/grapefruits this week whenever I want one.

I love the way I feel and wanted to share this as a healthy way to eat a whole lot more good-for-you food. Lots of veggies. Limited fruit. More veggies and meat.



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