Week in Review

Well. One of my goals this year is to take more pictures. I never said anything about wanting to edit the pictures. Or even not show you EVERY single picture! So here it is: our belated Week in Review!

If you can’t tell, art is an everyday activity here! Painting is a couple times a week activity. She has artist quality watercolors premixed in water and she can choose 2, maybe 3 colors. It’s a quick easy, fun activity for her and one that I can pull out at any time. She knows how to paint all by herself!

Games are something I’m trying to get in the habit of playing. Do I love Candyland? No. Do I play it at least once a week. Yes. Will I ever learn to love Candyland? That remains to be seen. Do I love playing games with my Chips? Yes!

The tower of fruit she built after my shopping day!

“School work”. She’s practicing fine motor skills coloring, being careful. I don’t love the idea of coloring books, but she does.

E feeding Bella

I Can Make My very own Necklace

Getting ready to Play in the freshly fallen snow

We love the Snow!!!

Sometimes it is nice to bring the Cold snow into the warm house


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