Welcome to 2011

We welcomed in 2011 with a snowstorm.  Christmas dinner we ate outside…. New Year’s Eve was spent bundled indoors!  This year we have a ton of “resolutions” – or just ideas on things we WILL do this year. C calls it the “bucket list” – I call it my goals for the year. Check out the “One Year” link at the top of my blog. It’s a ton of things that are more-or-less everyday things that I want to make sure I do. Nothing big. But, together, it’s ALL big!

What are you doing different this year?

I must say that we really enjoyed playing in the snow. We went sledding, but E enjoyed playing with the snow shovel more than anything else!

This was our first time sledding (E and my first time!) Here she is playing with the neighbors. The young gentleman had the great idea of sledding down a tiny hill in our complex. It was perfect!

My first time sledding!

Mugging for the camera. She likes the “sad” face. We played games for a good portion of the night. Games for her and games for us grown folks. We all played together and enjoyed the sportsmanship of the games.

And, then, as the night wore on, we snuggled.

and snuggled…

and actually made it to midnight. Wow. I can’t believe that she made it to midnight.

And then we went to bed.

Hope you enjoyed your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!


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