One Year – 2010

2010. It was -today! – a FULL year. I worked and enjoyed my first teacher-summer off in a LONG, long, l o n g time. I learned about thankfulness and grace. I learned about forgiveness and just getting past things that would cause only me ill if I were to dwell on them. I watched my family fall apart and come back together I watched as we had our Year of Bad Decisions, and started making  GREAT decisions. I watched the ebb of simplicity in our life wash away and, like the tide, our re-embracing of the simple life. I watched snow fall, buds come to the trees, leaves change color, and trees bare their branches for the winter. I watched the moon change with E: from a pancake moon O to an apple moon ( or ) over and over again. I learned about time management (and I learned about NOT managing my time!). I learned that there’s a joy in a clean house – even if I don’t enjoy the cleaning! I started learning spanish – I”m on the second of 5 disks with Rosetta Stone (which I LOVE!)

Here’s a recap of my goals of 2010.


I’m making the world a better place. One tiny step at a time.

Plant a garden (November: garden was planted, tended, and I think I may have taken on too much. Next year I’m planning a much smaller garden!)

Eat out no more than 2 times a month (November: Failing. Misreably. Nuf said.) (December: we ate out once in November and once in December. We’ll probably eat out once more before January. We’ve pulled back and are once again in control! Yay!)

Go Hiking (May: we’ve started! Link coming soon! November: I made about once a month in the summer/fall)

Go Camping (November: 3 times this summer with our neighbors! Yay!)

Drive, instead of fly, for my summer trips (November: Didn’t go anywhere)

Take care of my plants through winter so I don’t have to buy new plants (November: Working on this. Placed the plants where they can catch rain/snow as winter progresses.) (December: still working on this one – it’s not as fun as the garden in the summer!

Buy most of my clothes from the thrift store (November: Not answering this one….) (December: still interested in thrifting, but not interested in the “hunt”. I don’t know how to make this one happen…)

Make my own bread (November: Ok. I started out great with this. I love the recipe I have, I have wonderful bread pans that are pretty… but I just don’t have the time. Soooo… I bought a breadmaker yesterday!) (December: Using Pamela’s bread mix, but I am making my own bread -and saving a ton of money!)

Ride my bike for errands from May – July (shopping, grocery, thrift store, etc) (November: didn’t do all that often. Now that my bike was stolen…. )

Run, Walk, Exercise (Yay for videos that I can do in my house!) (November: I excercised at home until the start of the school year, but bought a gym membership in October that I am using and love.) (December: Holiday season hit my schedule hard, but I am still going to work out this coming vacation time. Very excited to be hitting the gym again!)

Eat less meat (November: We’re eating 1 or 2 meatless meals a week)

Eat better meat (November: I bought better meat, but am not using it. I also am not really cooking right now….)

Eat more vegetables (November: The CSA really helped to make us eat veggies – I’m still not doing that great though….)

Eat fruit every day (December: This is not a really good goal for me. I’m not a big fan of fruit. I might do something along the lines of eat fruit for dessert 2 times a week for next year, or something)

Find a weekly rhythm (baking, cooking, lunch making, painting, knitting) (November:I still need to do this…)

Make snack bags to bring yummies on hikes I bought 2 bags – I plan on making some but wanted to start using them right away

Sew myself a skirt (November: Not happening)

Sew Chips a dress (November: Not happening)


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