Week in Review

This week E was “Ladybug of the Week”. This auspicious title came with many perks: She got to bring in a favorite book (“Olivia“, she asked for, “not Olivia Forms a Band.“), bring a game into the class (Fishing Game), and create a wonderful “Special Me” poster (above).

She cut out all the collage items by herself.

We also worked on Chistmas gifts this week….

And, the little miss cooked up quite a storm!

She played and played….

And here she is all cuddled up with one of her favorite bears (Angel Bear) surrounded by blankets this morning. She asked her papa to take a picture of her, so here it is!

And what is a blog post without information on food! C and I bought a cheap breadmachine from Costco and we’ve been purchasing Pamela’s Gluten Free Bread Mix. It works wonderfully and we’ve been saving a lot of money. I’ve been too busy to make bread by hand (even though I have a super easy recipe – even that takes too much time right now!) We highly reccommend the mix: it is easy, quick and relatively cheap. It’s not even close to nourishing (there’s no way – but the recipe I linked to looks yummy!) but it’s better than what we were buying before! We’re back to baby steps!

Have a great week


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