Sick Day

In this moment, my baby girl – not so much a baby – lays on our couch outside, healing her body in the warm sunshine and breathes the fresh, crisp but not-too-cool autumn air.

She is lucky to be sick today and not tomorrow when winter will find its way back to Denver.

Today was one of the few really bad days for me to “choose” to be off work. My school is starting the annual winter plant sale and I promised my assistance. I know that I’m complaining (“Why today?”) but I am trying to be in the moment with my little E. She chose a sunny warm spot to take her rest so I brought out a camping chair and a glass of water and I will sit by her and update my blog, respond to emails finish Christmas gifts and maybe even knit some more of my summer shawl that decidedly did NOT get finished by this past summer! When she awakes we’ll bathe together, read books, play with blocks and, if the weather stays warm, we may even go for a short walk. Maybe I’ll sling her in the Ergo (which she loves but we’ve weaned her out of!) as a special I LOVE YOU treat.

 Have a pleasant Friday and a wonderful weekend! Remember: remain present and enjoy every moment!


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